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Surrounded by water, dining out can be a memorable experience in the Keys. Freshly caught fish and shrimp, plus special treats like Florida lobster, are on almost every restaurant menu. In addition, there are plenty of other choices to meet any appetite.

SUNDOWNERS. Good food, and atmosphere. Not cheap. Best seats are on the dock. Nice short walk from Moon Bay, but more fun to go by boat. (451-4502) Sundowners On The Bay

A little further south on the ocean side is the FISH HOUSE. (MM 102.4) Nothing in the way of atmosphere, but world famous for their fish dishes. Reasonably priced. (451-4665) Drive. The Fish House in Key Largo


SNOOK'S on the bay at MM 99.9 behind Largo Honda (Car Dealer). You can arrive by small boat. Limited depth. Outside tables on the water. Sunday brunch buffet. Nice place to go for a drink at sunset. Snook's Bayside Key Largo 453-3799

SNAPPERS is on the ocean at MM 94.5 Medium prices. Good food. Nice place any time of the day. I prefer lunch on a warm day. Sit on the pier next to the water. (852-5956) Snapper's - Key Largo

On a nice day the HIDEOUT is a great place to have breakfast. Sit on the porch over looking the ocean. Within walking distance from Moon Bay (About a mile) From MB go south and turn left at the first street after the Pink Plaza. (Walgreens.) Approximately MM 103.5. Continue toward the ocean until you hit the water. Not expensive. (451-0128) Also see the underwater hotel which is next door.

For a real hearty breakfast treat try HARRIET'S. Located Bayside at MM 95.7. If you love grits, Harriet knows how to make them. Unless you are really, really, hungry, split one of her omelets. Phone 852-8689. Not expensive. No view. Great Breakfast. No Smoking. Harriette's: Florida Keys

The LOR-E-LEI is definitely one place you should not miss. If you don't go for dinner, then stop by for a drink. As with most Keys restaurants it is at it's best on a warm evening. There is both inside and outside seating. I believe they have an Early Bird Special all year. Their nightly Sunset Celebration, along with live music provide a perfect ending to a glorious day in the Keys. Romantic. Early bird prices are reasonable and the food is very good. MM 82 1/2.

CAFE LARGO. Primarily Italian. Good food. Reasonably priced. No view. MM 99.5 451-4885 or try BAYSIDE GRILL directly in the rear. Good food. Great view. Reasonably priced.

BUZZARDS ROOST. Grill and Pub. Located in the garden Cove Marina. New Keys atmosphere. Good food. 106.5 and the ocean. 453-3746. Go north from Moon Bay until you come to the last chance to turn right before the road splits to Card Sound Bridge. Turn right and take it for a few blocks until the road ends.

THE MANDALEY. Restaurant and Tiki Bar. One of my favorites. Not fancy. Old Keys atmosphere in a marina. MM 99.7 on the ocean. 852-5450. You may want to call for directions. Cronically short on help. Not a place to be when you are in a hurry.

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